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Single ID and password for IBM mysupport, IBM Blue Diamond, IBM Data and AI (this site), IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Pak for Data

It will be great to have a single ID and password when dealing with IBM in general. Currently, we use one ID for IBM Cloud, another one for submitting secured information in Blue Diamond, another one for submit idea for feature request (here) and another one for Cloud Pak for Data

  • Ta-ching Chien
  • Oct 7 2020
  • Not Under Consideration
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Everyone will benefit from this. As a customer, it reduce the friction to open support cases and ftp files for the support cases. For IBM, customers will be more responsive when it comes to submitting info and using IBM services.
How should it work?

1) Same ID for IBM MySupport and IBM Blue Diamond

2) Same ID for IBM Cloud and IBM Blue Diamond, and Cloud Pak for Data

3) Same ID for IBM MySupport and IBM Data and AI (this site!)

4) Let customer have the option to integrate their AD into IBM

Idea Priority High
Priority Justification It is becoming a norm in the industry to have single ID when interacting with one specific company.
Client Name Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
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  • Admin
    Stephanie Walter commented
    21 Oct 08:06pm

    Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. This requirement doesn't apply to Cloud Pak for Data as a Service as we already use the IBMid. If you'd like to still pursue, please open this idea here:

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