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Provide detail reason(s) for objects determined by QM to have insufficient data for smarter reorg recommendations RFE 124993

A more detailed explanation is needed in the output of the Automation Tool job profile build job for any object that is processed by QM as part of smarter reorg recommendations and returns an ‘Insufficient data' condition.    Currently, QM has to check each of the possible data thresholds for sufficient data anyway, so it knows the exact check(s) that fail, and should therefore return one or more detail reasons to the user in the job profile build job output.  This would greatly help the user understand why an object did not meet the sufficient data threshold(s), so that the thresholds can be adjusted appropriately.

Use Case
Many objects that are selected for reorg by the base reorg criteria defined in the Automation Tool and are passed to Db2 Query Monitor for analysis are rejected by QM due to insufficient data.  There are several possible reasons for this, and the DBA currently has no way to determine which threshold check(s) failed.  It would greatly help the DBA to understand why the insufficient data result is being flagged for an object.
  • Db2Tools Aha Mgmt
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Future Consideration
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