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Performance Usage of services in WDP

While demonstration of WDP, DSx and services interconnected within, a few customers have asked if they can get insight into how much is being consumed per service. Their concern was more from a data center CPU cost standpoint so a break down of services on the WDP dashboard would perhaps give them better insight into what each service was consuming.

Today we provide insight mostly from an application functional usability standpoint, like # of users, how many assets, when used, etc. But never go into details of how many data refinery jobs were run, their cost and consumption, etc. This is important to few IT and LOB organizations as they want to setup charge back or understand the cost structure, and also want to understand usage patterns beyond just a application function. I believe this will help in terms of capacity planning also. If we go to the IBM Cloud (bluemix) dashboard, we can see breakdown of services and cost there for some of the cloud foundry applications, but visibility into DSx and other services like streams designer, Catalog, Refinery, etc are not available in the WDP console.

  • Dec 14 2018
  • Not Under Consideration
Who would benefit from this IDEA? IT, Developers, Adminstrators, LOB
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