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Provide better validation for message hub connection properties

When setting up a messagehub connection, I copied the kafka brokers string directly from the messagehub service credentials, minus the square brackets, e.g.


”host1:port1”, “host2:port2”, “host3:port3”


Streams designed allowed this string and I was even able to preview the data when editing the schema.  However, when I deployed my stream, it threw an error.  From the error, I could see that the kafka java consumer is used and I knew how to fix my problem because I’m familiar with writing java consumers.  The kafka brokers should be:




However, it would be better if streams designer prevented users from making this mistake when defining connections.

  • Chris Snow
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Not Under Consideration
Who would benefit from this IDEA? All users connecting to message hub
Idea Priority Medium
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