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Support replacing model in an existing deployment from python library

Commonly models need to be retrained and redeployed to an existing deployment without endpoint URL or credentials changing - API Docs

  • Dec 14 2018
  • Not Under Consideration
Who would benefit from this IDEA? data scientist/engineer
Idea Priority High
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  • Chris Snow commented
    14 Dec, 2018 05:58pm

    Thanks Lukasz!

  • Lukasz Cmielowski commented
    14 Dec, 2018 05:58pm

    It is already supported in latest version of client library:

    there is a method

        ```def update(self, deployment_uid, name=None, description=None, asynchronous=False, meta_props=None):
                Update model used in deployment to the latest version. The scoring_url remains.
                Name and description change will not work for online deployment.
                For virtual deployments the file will be updated under the same download_url.

                :param deployment_uid:  Deployment UID
                :type deployment_uid: str

                :param name: new name for deployment
                :type name: str

                :param description: new description for deployment
                :type description: str

                :param meta_props: dictionary with parameters used for virtual deployment (Core ML format)
                :type meta_props: dict

                :returns: updated metadata of deployment
                :rtype: dict

                A way you might use me is:

                >>> deployment_details = client.deployments.update(deployment_uid)```


    there is also corresponding method for model update …


        ```def update_model(self, model_uid, content_path=None, meta_props=None):
                Update content of model with new one.

                :param model_uid:  Model UID
                :type model_uid: str
                :param content_path: path to tar.gz with new content of model
                :type content_path: str

                :returns: updated metadata of model
                :rtype: dict

                A way you might use me is:

                >>> model_details = client.repository.update_model_content(model_uid, content_path)

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