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should make data services consistent and include all the WDP dataservices, not just a subset.

Here is the actual example with screenshots showing the difference between what shows in WDP and what is actually in the account and being used.

Data Services
I click on data services, it shows me this


problem is that i actually have 24 services, not 7. here is the first 20 from bluemix console. note that most (17 if i you include 2 objectstores) of these actually are WDP. isn't a user going to expect to see all the WDP services in this list? and even if objectstore isn't officially one our services, given how we are featuring it prominently wouldn't we want to include any of those services (particularly since we prereq at least one objectstore).

also, i sometimes when i click on "manage in bluemix" on the dataservice, i get logged out and then sent his generic "sign up for bluemix" screen.

  • Paul Taylor
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Not Under Consideration
Why is it useful?

Looking for data is a common operation for all personas, having access to ones that have already been created in the account is the most obvious place to start.

Who would benefit from this IDEA? as a data manager, data engineer or data scientist i would like to see all of my data services available in the account.
How should it work?

No good workaround for users that don't have admin access to the account itself (which i did in these screenshots)

Idea Priority High
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