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can we make the UI for adding a collaborator the same for project and catalog? And what does "invite" actually do?

although similiar, it's clear they are different implementions. For the record the project one is better, IMHO. after it searches it keeps you on same line and puts the name in the same line, so you can add more people more easily.

catalog it says it can't find anybody, then puts the name below (i guess it found somebody afterall...)which isn't intuitive and i have to click add and then start the whole process over again for next user. On the positive side, unlike project, it validated whether the user was already a collaborator.

Is there a reason these interfaces can't be the same? and least in look and feel?

Also, can somebody explain to me what "invite" actually does? I've tested this out using different users/accounts and i have never seen anything (message, email, notification, etc) to alert the user i just added (or invited). I appreciate that invite sounds more polite, but any other application i've ever used usually means the end user recieves something. What am i missing?

In grand scheme these are minor things, but these details add up.

  • Paul Taylor
  • Dec 14 2018
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Who would benefit from this IDEA? as a data scientist or data engineer i want to be able to add collaborators to my projects and catalogs in a common way that is easy when adding multiple people at once
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    December 14, 2018 17:59

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