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Omegamon Agent Situational Action Origination Point

In an environment with multiple TEM Servers the agents don't have the option to choose which TEMS will use the action item for a Situational Action.  It defaults to the TEMS the agent reports directly to.  In my environment I have a TEMS on z/OS and a TEMS on a z/Linux server. This means that I can't ubiquitously apply action scripts across the board because the z/OS agents are unable to interpret z/Linux commands. 

It would be difficult to manage two completely separate Action systems across two separate operating systems. 


You can reference TS002713551 for more information.

  • Jared Stoker
  • Dec 11 2019
  • Needs review
Why is it useful?
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Everyone.
How should it work?

There should be an option in the Action tab for a Situation that allows you to choose the origination TEMS of the action.

Idea Priority High
Priority Justification This would be a valuable option for any organization that has multiple TEMS servers to choose a single TEMS origination point for their actions.
Customer Name Jared Stoker - AFCU
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