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Content Navigator auto-reload of plugins

IBM Content Navigator (ICN) loads configured plug-ins when it starts. If a plug-in is not available at ICN start time or fails to load initially, it just remains in a failed state and users are presented with error messages. This will happen, for instance, when the plug-in JAR is web hosted, but the hosting app starts after ICN. This is a common problem in AT&T's clustered environments.

  • Tom Jennings
  • May 1 2020
  • Needs review
Why is it useful?
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Navigator users and administrators
How should it work?

ICN should auto reload plug-ins. This would make it much more resilient and self-correcting. It already detects the plug-in load issue and displays a related error to ICN users when they log in or try to access a desktop. If it did that same integrity check and attempted reload on some interval, many plug-in load errors would fix themselves and not require administrator intervention.

Idea Priority Medium
Priority Justification This would correct an important deficiency with the product, but workarounds are available.
Customer Name AT&T
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