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Bare metal GPU pricing is misleading - can be more transparent

The Bare Metal GPU pricing on this webpage: seems to be misleading.

For example, the price for a NVIDIA Tesla 32 GB V100 + Dual Intel Xeon

E5-4110 starts from USD 519/mo.

However, when I configure the same machine, I get a price of USD 1519/mo.

I went through multiple locations and had the same result.

I propose a more transparent pricing on the IBM website, and the ability to find the cheapest location for a given configuration.

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  • May 4 2020
  • Needs review
Why is it useful?
Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a customer, this will help me evaluate if IBM is good for my needs.
How should it work?

1) Give more transparent pricing on the marketing page

2) Allow users to select the cheapest location for a given configuration

3) Make users happy

Idea Priority High
Priority Justification I think removing misleading pricing from the IBM website is high priority
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