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Allow to display also result relevance in user applications

Applies to Watson Explorer Analytical Components.

When you use search application and get results, those results are sorted by relevance by default. But actual relevance value is not shown anywhere. Relevance value is returned from API, but not used in UI.

This number was shown in OmniFind UI.

Even when results are sorted by relevance it might be important information for the user whether first (and any other result) has relevance of 95% or only 23%. It is also very important to show document relevance when you change sorting to date for example.

Currently the only workaround would be customize search user interface and deploy customized one instead of the out-of-the-box UI.

This is being opened as followup on PMR TS004224567

  • David Benes
  • Sep 30 2020
  • Submitted
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Every customer that does not want only first result, but also wants to know how relevant are document in the results set. Customers also may adapt their next steps based on the actual relevance. It is sometimes similar to document importance.
How should it work?

Default behavior can be preserved, displaying of relevance can be a configuration option. For example similar to how thumbnails can be enabled in search results.

Since there are other values that are displayed only when configured, it preserves the way how things are done in WEX UI.

By knowing the document relevance customer can have much higher insight to the data.

Idea Priority Medium
Priority Justification Customer is moving from OmniFind to WEX and want exactly the same feature set.
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