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Netcool Webgui widget

We have been using netcool for event management for long time. Before Webgui we were using WebTop. There was java based system of maps to create views/pages. Now in DASH we can use widget. Problem is, that we cannot create same view with lot of "buttons" which display count of events filtered behind button and change color based on highest severity fitered behind the button. Closes widget is "Value Status gauge" but we need quite more (50+) than recommended max 7 on page. Customer is strict on that.
higher number of active vidgets on page

severity color based on events not hard configured on widget.

  • Peter Polak
  • Oct 7 2020
  • Submitted
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Customer
How should it work?

Goal is to have non java page with over 50 buttons showing number of events behind it and opening Event Viewer with filtered list of events. Color of the button should be of the hihest severity of active event behind the button.

For our customer is not negotiable to find different solution as they have been using old java based map as a page in previous version of netcool. And they are planning to switch from java.

Current workaround we use java script to display old java based map, which frees the customer from using java on their workstation, but we as administrators are unable to do any update of page withou java.

In attachment is DASH page exported page. Also we have and IBM Case on this for detailed description if needed. We were adviced within the case to make enrichment request as obviously currently there is not a solution which can help us.
Also I am not sure about how much of time would be needed if this will be develped as well as we are not strictly on clock with the issue so the date for completion which is required bellow is not really somthing what I can specify. I will put there end of the next month, but it is not strict due date.

Idea Priority Medium
Priority Justification Looking for solution which will satisfy customer.
Customer Name t-systems
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