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QRadar - Edit Batch of users

Our scenario we have a SOC team of over 100+ users that need to have a change applied in QRadar Console.

In this particular case, Resource Restrictions of a specific user role.

In the current build you will have to make this change one user at a time.

The supported form to change the role to the user, is by

  • go to the admin tab
  • click System Configuration, and then go to User Management
  • click the users icon
  • select  the user that you want to change, and click on edit.
  • On the User Role drop down menu  you choose the new role for the user.
  • click save and do a deploy.

This becomes time consuming and tedious and around the 30th to 50th user you might loose your place holder or make mistakes.

  • Alex Brown
  • Apr 25 2019
  • Will not implement
Who would benefit from this IDEA? All clients with the SIEM platform enable them modify multiple users
How should it work?

1.All you to apply changes to a batch users in QRadar.

2. Give a confirmation screen with a list of the users you are making the change to be confirming and Deploying Changes

Priority Justification Client request to have this added into QRadar
Customer Name South Carolina Department of Administration
  • +1