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Option to hide date of report

In previous versions of Cognos Analytics, the date under a report was hidden. In Cognos Analytics 11.1.3 the date of when a report is created is shown under the report, as shown in the attached image.
For some of our users this date is confusing because they think this date represents the date of when data in the report was last refreshed.

We would like to have the option to hide this date for reports, in the context of 'less is more'.

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  • Sep 27 2019
  • Needs review
Why is it useful?
Who would benefit from this IDEA? Alot of inexperienced Cognos Analytics users/readers would avoid confusion over assumptions they make.
How should it work?

There should be a setting to be able to hide these dates for certain users.

Preferably under the Manage-menu.

Idea Priority Low
Priority Justification Low. because we would really like to see it, but it is not a necessity
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