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DSX: Revalidate linked services like Spark to avoid inconsistencies and errors

I created a Notebook in Data Science Experience, chose a listed Spark service, and populated the Notebook from a tutorial (URL). The tutorial did not work, I ran into unexpected errors. Only later I found out that the selected Spark service did not exist anymore. I had it deleted a while ago, but it was still listed in/ linked from DSX.

Would DSX revalidate the services from time to time such errors and time-consuming debugging could be avoided. User frustration could be reduced.

  • Henrik Loeser
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Delivered
Who would benefit from this IDEA? As a user of DSX I want to get notified when my connected services do not exist anymore.
How should it work?

Manually revalidate the relvant Bluemix service against those connected services in DSX.

Automate it and revalidate from time to time.

Idea Priority Medium
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