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Ability to re-create views and procedures without dependent objects being dropped

Some objects in a database often depend on other. As an example, if there is a view, another view can be built upon it.
Private and public synonyms can be created for those views, and permissions given to various users on those views.
If the first view needs to be recreated (change of code), it needs to be dropped and created again.
When it is dropped, all of the dependent objects are consequently dropped - the other view, all the related synonyms and permissions, and so on, recursively.
The DBA has no warning of it happening, and later has to guess or use any other complex method to conclude which objects were dropped
and has to recreate all of them.

What is needed is some kind of ALTER VIEW statement (or CREATE OR REPLACE), that will recreate only the view at hand, without dropping dependent objects.

There is a similar situation regarding stored procedures: recreating a procedure or function means all the permissions on it getting dropped.

In an environment with many database users where access control is implemented with views, private synonyms and stored procedures, ALTER VIEW and ALTER PROCEDURE would really cut a lot of DBA work.
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  • Dec 24 2018
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