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Granular Backup and Restore

Market Requirements

PDA customers can do a table-level restore from an existing full or incremental backup without impacting any other objects in the database. It restores only regular tables not external or temp tables. When migrating to IIAS, these customers lose this capability. Also, individual databases get converted into schemas during migration. To have continuity for PDA customers we need to provide a granular backup and restore capabilities using a single tool so that customers have a complete control over a set of objects or a schema. Performance characteristics should at least match Mako. All our competitors allow finer grained recovery either at schema or table level. Basic requirements are:

  1. Backup and Restore full/incremental at Schema level
  2. Restore individual or a specific set of tables from either a database or schema level backup

Proposed Solution

Backup and Restore at Schema level

Anything at Schema level should cover data, index, and meta data (views, UDFs, etc). Typical use-cases that are being requested by customers:

  1. Ability to take full backup at schema level
  2. Ability to restore full schema level backup against the same or different schema name.
  3. Ability to take incremental backups at schema level
  4. Ability to apply incremental restores at schema level
  5. Ability to apply full or incremental restore followed by roll forward to a Point In Time


Restore individual or a specific set of tables

This provides more granularity at an object level. If a table object gets corrupt or dropped by mistake, this capability helps our customers recover just the table data rather than restoring the entire database. We can match PDA by having customers recover table data from last known good backup set but no further roll forward. This means customers lose any data changes occurred between the last backup and the current time. Typical use-cases that are being requested by customers:

  1. Ability to restore a table or a specific set of tables on a schema
  2. Ability to restore a table or a specific set of tables on a different schema

Reference Links

PDA v7.2.1:

Competitor Links

Oracle 12c:

  • Selva Prabhu
  • Dec 14 2018
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