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Continue to Support Datastage DB2 Connector for DB2 for i v7.3+

Currently the InfoSphere Information Server 11.5 Datastage DB2 Connector doesn't support a supported version of DB2 for i.

Also include support for Surrogate Key Generator Stage for DB2 supports DB2 for i  v7.3+ 

Business Impact for IBM: If DB2 for i v7.3 connectivity is forced to use ODBC connector (vs DB2 connector), that opens a easier migration path to other DBMS'.  If we are able to use the DB2 connector for DB2 for i, we wouldn't have to change datastage jobs if we wanted to switch to the Db2 LUW common SQL engine.  

The Surrogate key stage depends on Connecting with DB2 connect to DB2 for i if database sequence types are used.


As per  PMR 27476,L6Q,000   DB2 LUW 10.5 (base dbms for info server 11.5) supports DB2 for i version 5 or later according to IBM support and the provided link as of
as per the same PMR  Db2 iSeries 7.3 is compatible with Db2 LUW 11.1
Db2 Version 11.1 clients can connect to the following midrange and mainframe platforms:
Db2 for z/OS® and OS/390® Version 10 or later
Db2 for IBM i Version V6R1 or later
Db2 for VM and VSE Version 7
so the base DB2 LUW product that connects to DB2 for i under the covers for info server DB2 connector stage supports connecting to DB2 for i.. and the next version of DB2 LUW 11.1 too.  So why would info server not continue to support the use of the DB2 connector with the remote DB2 for i database cataloged with DB2 LUW? Especially with the Common SQL engine strategic direction.
Also IBM Info server datastage support last week with case TS000175311 gave me a link to connect to this page... that says how to connect to DB2 for i with Info server!!! last week!!!!! and that was when they helped me set up the Surrogate Key Generator stage which needs DB2 for i database 
in this case it said  ----> Looking at our internal documentation, DB2 connector supports DB2 iSeries 7.1 but not 7.3.
 IBM i V7.1 is no longer supported as of 4/30/2018 according to product lifecycle
so therefor the DB2 connector stage doesn't support a supported version of DB2 for i as of 4/30/2018.
This case I still have open TS000795643 where the update a row with a db2 connector doesn't work after an IBM i upgrade from 7.1 to 7.3 where it works with another IBM DB2 for i that was upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3.
  • Helen Pampinella
  • Dec 14 2018
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