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Operational Console Report generator tab.

The DSODB database which sits behind the Operational Console is a treasure trove of information.  It would be very handy if the webpage allowed for some standardized reports to be generated.  Such reports could be a PDF or Excel format.  Data in the reports should be selectable by project and date range. 


Report #1:  It would be great if we could get the history behind failed jobs. 


Project name, job name, invocation id, Start time, end time, all "fatal" messages for that job.


Report #2:  Bar chart with average runtime for jobs.


Each job exaction (failed entries in red) would have a bar in a horizontal line.  Their execution date as X axis and duration is Y axis.  "Average execution duration"  as a super imposed line graph.


Report #3:  Gant chart for jobs in a project.


Have the start and end time for all jobs in a project listed in GANT CHART format.  Sequencers contain nested jobs.  Default timeframe would be a day of the calendar month.  Selectable date range as well.  But a 24hrs view would be nice.


Report #4:  Hogs and Dogs report.


project; jobname; invocation id, start time, end time, duration, CPU, completion status.


The HOGS are the ones taking a lot of CPU.

The DOGS are the ones taking a long duration.


Seeing the complete list of jobs in an excel format allows us to do trend analysis and plan for grown needs of our infrastructure or to address upcoming issues before they happen.



These report (other than the GANT Chart) can be obtained from SQL queries, but the TOOL should create these simple reports and allow the user to email the results to their desktop.  Simply provided a GUI view is not enough as often times in a large org, we need to submit the information for analysis by others.  Hence the excel, csv or pdf file format.  JSON or XML is also a good idea.


Externalizing the data behind the DSODB is very important.  The Dashboard should have a report tab and creativity applied to the reports that are "canned" and maybe allow for an adhoc ability as well.  Selectable date range is a must.


  • Paul Van Leeuwen
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Needs review
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