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WEX - sortOrder API parameter does not function as expected

Alphabetical ordering of facet values - Supportanfragen - IBM Support The sort order of facet query result using REAT API does not change by the sortOrder parameter. For whichever order chosen, descendant order ("desc") or ascending order ("asc"), the facet order remains the same.

Example: The sort value facet parameter by descending or ascending (below URL’s) for REST API will produce the same output result:




REST API documentation for Watson Explorer Analytical Component (WEX AC) version 10 and above, as well as Watson Content Analytics ( WCA) version 3.5, explains that for facet query, sortOrder parameter exists. However, only descendant order (parameter value as "desc") is effective, as this is the default setting for the search query REST API. Changing the parameter value as ascending order ("asc") will not change the order of search result output.


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  • Dec 14 2018
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    YUTAKA MORIYA commented
    December 14, 2018 17:57

    Thank you for your input. Actually, the sorting parameters are limited.

    Moreover, let me quote this from Redbook.

    "Even if you select correlation as the default sort order, the list of facet values that are displayed are chosen by frequency. Therefore, if you leave the default of 100 keywords, you get only the 100 most frequent keywords. This means that sorting by correlation will not include values that are more highly correlated but not in the top 100 by frequency. This approach to sorting is by design, with the rationale that keywords with a very low frequency count would typically not be of interest. "

    So, even if the sortOrder parameter works (no matter it is sorted by correlation or labels), the entries in returned top K are sorted.
    Thus, the result is the same if your application sorts the returned value by itself. Could you consider if your application can sort the values to meet your requirement? If there is a specific reason you would like to receive the sorted list instead of sorting the entries by yourself, please feel free to add a comment.

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