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please add "similar document search" feature to oneWEX

we receive many request from our customer, that
It is very helpful if "similar document search" feature is added to oneWEX.

see attached file : TS001352212.pdf

STSC L2 case No.TS001352212

  • Guest
  • Dec 14 2018
  • Future Consideration
Customer Name
Role Summary It is very helpful if "similar document search" feature is added to oneWEX.
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  • Guest commented
    December 14, 2018 18:00

    Dear MORIYA-san

    Thank you for your reply.

    In the result list of "Similar documents search", the number of cases is displayed.
    Based on this result list I would like to narrow down the same as facet.
    This makes it possible to realize analysis tasks beyond simple search.




  • Admin
    YUTAKA MORIYA commented
    December 14, 2018 18:00

    Could you elaborate more? With the operations described in the attached PDF, the documents are returned sorted by the similarity. What is the expected behavior after this?

  • T Y commented
    21 Jan 23:47

    I follow this idea and am very sure of what this person is hoping to have.

    It looks like current implementation of oneWEX does not allow to further narrow down documents obtained by similar search function.

    The situations is : The similar search feature returns large number of documents (100s~1000s).  The user try to inspect or filter those large number of documents from WEX.  However, oneWEX does not allow query result of similar documents to be inspected by facets match counts, nor filtered by facet search which are very strong feature of WEX.  Also even if the user already narrowed down the documents by facet search or whatever before the similar search, the similar search only searches documents from entire collection, instead of the sub set of documents that the user narrowed down.

    So the user find difficult to further analyze the large number of documents from similar search.  It will be very useful if, like other search feature, the documents from similar search can be inspected from facet view, or can be narrowed down using such as facet values.

    However it looks like internally similar search is not "query" in the sense of API semantics. Similar document search is done outside of the query engine that enables facet search and visual guided search UI, and handled different execution path from regular search.  I suppose similar document search should be done as part of regular query to support this feature.

      So implementation might not be easy - but this feature is what I definitely hope to have.  It will be very powerful if we have this - otherwise  my customer would simply ask why oneWEX does not allow users to narrow down documents from similar search.

    from API doc ( /query ):

    qdocid string Specify an existing indexed document id for similar document search.


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