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WEX-AC Miner iPad support

From WEX v11.0.1, Browser support for "Apple Safari on iOS" has been dropped.

Currently, WEX-AC Miner can not work on iPad and we really hope to support it.

For example, following symptom can be seen.

- Can not select pull-down button (=> we can not change collections).
- Can not zoom-in/out graphs shown in "connection view".
- Can not select facets in "facet tree" correctly.

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  • Mar 16 2018
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  • Y K commented
    April 16, 2018 04:15

    My name is Yasuko Kato, an Analytics Sales for Japan IOT    update this request from the point of customer's situation and business opportunity.

    Customer need IBM's support position of at this tie by 25th Apr.

    Customer - JFE Steel

    - Cognitive Maintenance Search based on WEX AC/FC & Watson API
    - POC with 1RVU WEX Advanced edition (purchased last year) succeeded and from May customer will start to expand internally.
    - $500K or more business will be expected in 2018 after 2Q because the customer is planning to expand user division from 2 in the POC phase to 20 in the production phase after 2018 2Q.

    - This business is very important for not only the business amount but also WEX excellent use case so this  support is needed.

    - iOS support for WEX 11.0.2 because this application is that the field maintenance engineer uses outside with iPad.
    iOS was supported till 11.0.0 then dropped. The project team didn't know it so created the application by 11.0.2 and these trouble has occurred. They can not downgrade to 11.0.0.


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